Docker | ELK Stack

Recently I have been looking at ElasticSearch for as a product to monitor application logs. I learned there is a stack called ELK which stands for ElasticSearch + LogStash + Kibana. There is another component in this stack called FileBeat – perhaps they need to change the stack name from ELK to BELK! Since I am evaluating the stack I […]

Raspberry Pi | Docker | Minio Server

have you heard of MinIO before? MinIO is an open-source object storage and an s3 API (Amazon). It can be installed on many different systems like Linux, MacOS and Windows. I have installed it on my Raspberry Pi 4 (4gb) to test and play around with. You can read more on it at I first built the Docker image. […]

Docker | WireGuard VPN

docker-compose.yml – Highlighted in orange or the settings you should change. PUID and PGID can be retrieved by running ‘id’ command in your SSH terminal. UID is the PUID. GID is the GUID. Change your url for SEVERURL. Should be the domain you have. for example – Change the volume location. The client profiles will be saved there. PEERS […]

Raspberry Pi 4 | Temperature Monitor

Parameters Description action Action to perform. Options are:stop -> stops the running scriptstatus -> provides the status of the running scriptrun -> run the temp check daemon The value should be y if you want to run continuously interval if running as a daemon, the interval should be set. It must be an integer. interval is in seconds Script Parameters […]

Raspberry Pi 4 | First Time Setup with Docker!

When I first start my Raspberry Pi 4 with a fresh install of Raspberry Pi OS Lite I run my setup script. it can be run on the Full install as well. I have not tested on Ubuntu though. The script does a few things for me Sets up network (wifi or wired) updates the distro’s does a full-upgrade creates […]

Raspberry Pi | Docker | Bitwarden

Lately I have been looking into self-hosted applications so reduce the amount of data of mine is on the net. As Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. collect info based on our browsing and other things, I thought it was time to start looking at more privately hosted applications. Bitwarden was my first shot at this. I have to say, it is […]